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AdvoGuard steps in to prevent and correct the vicious cycle of neglect of our elder, mentally ill, and mentally impaired individuals, however inadvertent the neglect may be.  When it is established that an individual is no longer competent to watch out for his or her own interests, a court may appoint AdvoGuard as guardian of the individual's "person" and/or  "estate."  As guardian of the person, AdvoGuard makes sure the individual receives things like proper medical attention and appropriate housing.  As guardian of the estate, AdvoGuard manages some or all of the individual's property and/or income.  Through trained Volunteers and Client Monitors, we make sure each individual's needs, and more, are provided for.

Volunteers and Client Monitors visit our individuals weekly. Both Volunteers and Client Monitors provide essential conversation, comfort and companionship to each individual. 

Seniors under guardianship derserve happy birthdays!

Volunteers, especially, help make sure birthdays, holidays and special events are remembered and celebrated. Volunteers also help monitor the individual's medical treatment plan, and are alert in observing side effects and complications related to client medications.


"Our work can be heartbreaking,
but it is always heartwarming."

The Client Monitors are trained by AdvoGuard to additionally review each client's medical records, to have special education that qualifies them to assess the individuals' financial issues and medical treatment plans. The Client Monitors, where necessary, also monitor anti-psychotic medications given to AdvoGuard individuals. This is known as "Rogers Monitoring." The Attorney General of Massachusetts has mandated that our elders be protected from unauthorized use of chemical restraints. In addition to observing the individuals for unwarranted chemical use, the Client Monitors review the medications on a monthly basis to confirm they comply with court-ordered dosing.

The results of AdvoGuard services can be tremendous. One client, instead of being institutionalized, has been able to continue living in her home, simply because AdvoGuard brings her groceries every week and checks on her condition. She had been living in increasing filth and eating cat food. Numerous institutionalized clients have emerged from drug-induced stupor to engage in varying degrees of daily activity and to enjoy our visits.

A client needs eyeglasses? We'll get them for him or her. Dental work? We'll make sure it's provided. Clothing? We'll buy it, or take the individual shopping, if he or she is able.

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